One day, you're there - the next, you're gone.


What happened to your stores?

In short - we closed both our Noe Valley and Fairfax locations.  Opening and growing K9 Scrub Club over the last 5 years has been such an amazing experience so far, but its been along side a lot of personal changes in both owners lives.   During that time, we've experienced a high amount of personal tragedy; including the loss of a sister, father and one of our very own founding team members.  As our business grew, we continued to push forward and absorbed all of our time and energy into K9 Scrub Club - and we couldn't be prouder of what we accomplished.

We relocated to the East Coast to be closer to some of our family and take the next steps in our life together.  Keeping the stores open in the Bay Area was just not something that made good business sense any longer.  From an emotional standpoint, it was very much a tough decision.


Will you reopen again?

Where our business goes is something we are actively working on.  There are several different directions we are considering taking.  What we can tell you is the likelihood of seeing another K9 Scrub Club in the future is very high - in what city and whether we retain ownership remains to be seen.  If you have been in our stores, experienced what we've created and you envision yourself as part of our future - definitely drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!  Our general correspondence email is


Well, we heard..... (Fill in the Blank)

Yep, we're sure that you'll hear lots of things - that's why we posted what happened above.  We're normal folks that truly love our business and our customers - both human and canine.  That aside, it is a business and we needed to make the best decision for our family.


A final word.

We want to make sure and thank our past team members (minus a few bad apples, of course!).  We couldn't have done it without you and our team really was the amazing backbone of our business.  Special thanks goes to Carin, Josh, Victoria, Zale, Vanessa, Yesenia, Dolores and Shari.  You all put in so much effort and we are going to miss working with you.

Also a very big thank you to our customers for really making K9 Scrub Club such a success!